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Gay Pride Belgrade

October 3rd, 2012

Prvu otvoreno gay pjesmu je napravio neki cigo jos ’74, u komunisticko doba. Posvecujem je svim onima sto se spremaju da nasilnicki prekinu gay pride u Beogradu 6-og oktobra.

“It’s no surprise that the punk movement to a certain degree, openly embraced gay discourse. At least in terms of fashion, style and cultural identity. More surprising is that traditional folk beat punk rock to it. In 1974 Muharem Serbezovski, one of the uncrowned kings of the Balkan Roma music, recorded a four-track 7” single featuring a traditional Indian track Ramu, Ramu or Ramo, Ramo with surprisingly direct lyrics. It’s probably the first officially released pro-gay song in Yugoslavia. The lyrics could hardly be interpreted as something other but a sad story of a lost love relationship between two men. Before you give Muharem a shot, let me just remind you that words like ‘drug’ and ‘drugar’, occurring in original lyrics of most of the songs featured here definitely refer to men, so the English translations, ‘friend’ and ‘mate’, don’t do them justice.” (from Bturn – music, culture and style of the new Balkans)

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